e-SLA Delhi is a monitoring platform for the implementation of “The Delhi (Right of Citizen to Time Bound Delivery of Services), Act 2011" which envisages time bound delivering of the citizen centric services under GNCTD. Every department is supposed to provide the service within the stipulated time as per the Citizen Charter, if department fails to do so, the SLA invokes. e-SLA monitors the disposal of applications received in the department at various stages during disposal. Under e-SLA access has been given to the public to view the complete details of the processing of his/her application at the URL http://esla.delhi.gov.in. Complete details are shown like responsible officer, status of the application, whether SLA invoked etc.

Trend of Disposal of Applications in Delhi Under e-SLA
Highlights of implementation of e-SLA in Delhi
1. 566 Services are notified and integrated.
2. 46 Departments are covered under e-SLA Delhi.
3. 34+ lakhs applications have been received under e-SLA
4. 66.38% applications are disposed IN TIME.
5. Only 26.26% applications are disposed beyond prescribed no. of days.
6. 0.22% applications are under processing.

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